Narrative Design

Creative narrative structured to expand new or existing storylines.


Memorial Day 2017 and 2018 saw a new type of event from Niantic’s Ingress event team. Much like Burning Man, Camp Navarro centered on creative art projects which were temporarily made part of the game for a weekend of deep dive storytelling in the game universe. The following samples are the “lore” which tie the San Francisco Enlightened team’s projects into the existing Ingress storyline.

2017 – The Transvisionary Oracle

A scale replica of the Transamerica Pyramid, which allowed visitors to communicate with the aliens on the other side of the Ingress “portals.”

2018 – Epiphany Dawn

In 2018, the team built an escape room in a geodesic dome inspired by Epiphany Night, an early Ingress comic book story that told the story of early experiments at CERN in a series of logs by staff members.


FELT Drive

Building the backstory for a puppet sci-fi dramatic web series based in a world where humans and puppets live side by side. This piece is part of the technical background which unofficially ties the story into existing puppet legends.